I am Bill Stodden, your friendly neighborhood candidate for President from the Socialist Party USA.

This winter, we are beginning our effort to put socialism on the Ballot all across this country.  We seek to highlight working class issues including wages, unions, education for kids and job quality.  We are also going to be talking about the environment, peace, and prison reform.

We will be able to compete across the US, and will offer an alternative to the two-Party system:  A system so corrupted and over run with money that the common man and woman doesn’t feel like they have any control over.  But that will only be possible if we can obtain ballot access, and that will only happen with the dedicated time, effort and resources of you.

Right now, in the state of Utah, candidates have filed a lawsuit against that State’s very restrictive ballot access laws.  The laws there are a clear violation of civil rights and prevent you from seeking any alternative to the Duopoly.  These laws will be overturned in court, and when they are, the Socialist Party will be able to both campaign and organize there.  We are looking at similar opportunities all across this country.

You can help us by going to spusa2024.org and donating today.  With your donation, we will be able to start a ballot access drive that will put us on the ballot in that state.  With additional donations, we will be able to accomplish the same feat in other states across this country.

The fight for ballot access will be difficult, but we can do it with your help.  If you believe in an alternative to the two Party system, if you believe that working people in this country should have a chance to work with dignity and for a wage that will allow them to keep food on their tables and a roof over their heads, if you believe that we should have peace, a clean environment and good government, if you believe that capitalism is the source of our country’s problems and socialism is the solution, help us out today.  Support us at spusa2024.org, join the Socialist Party USA and help us start the Revolution.

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Stodden/Cholensky 2024 Campaign and the SPUSA will NOT sell or share your information with any third parties or organizations, non-member campaigns, or organizations outside of the Socialist Party USA.

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