illiam “Doc” Stodden grew up in Northern Indiana. The son of a union Steelworker, Bill gained an early appreciation for class issues and began looking for reasons that life was so difficult for millions of families who shared so much in common with his own family. In Northern Indiana, he witnessed firsthand the deindustrialization of the Rust Belt by both Republican and Democratic policymakers that favored the Owning Class while turning their backs on urban and rural workers and the Poor. I became interested in Left Wing politics in the 5th Grade, and started studying politics and history to better understand what was being done by the owners to workers.

As BilI grew up, he also got to see the gutting of civil liberties and social welfare policies in the 90s and came to view this as yet another violent episode in the Class War. as a teenager, he became active in the effort to try to free Leonard Peltier, starting a local support group and spreading education about Peltier’s case as well as other political prisoners in High School. Joining the Marine Corps in 1995, he quickly learned how the pro-war policies of our this Government deliberately creates a pool of individuals, men women, white, black, Latino and Native, that our society is willing to sacrifice to fight wars of malevolence and greed across the globe, for no other purpose than to keep the wealthy and powerful in their place, and to keep the rest of us under their boot.

Returning to college following honorable discharge from the Marine Corps in 1999, William became involved in campus activism around free speech and joined the Socialist Party during the 2000 Presidential Campaign, after his college hosted the SPUSA’s candidate David McReynolds during two standing room only speaking engagements.

In 2001, Doc began organizing anti-war actions, including marches, demonstrations and teach-ins in the northern Black Hills. In 2005-06, he worked with Veterans for Peace members and the Jeanette Rankin Peace Center in Missoula Montana on Counter Recruitment efforts, designed to give students peaceful alternatives to military enlistment. In 2007, he was part of a successful effort to get anti-war measures passed in three Western Montana cities.

While a graduate student in Carbondale IL, Doc served as Grievance Chair for Graduate Assistants United at SIUC and was on the Union team for contract negotiations in 2011 that won our 1700-members a 3-year Contract and prevented a Strike. he also became a Convinced Quaker during this period of time and continued peace and social justice work with the Quakers.

After moving to Moorhead MN in 2014, he participated in a successful campaign to prevent Corporate Farms from owning property in North Dakota with the North Dakota Farmers Association and did phone banking and door-knocking in a successful effort to elect a socialist candidate to the Moorhead School Board. In 2021, he contributed to the SPUSA’s Cuba Working Group in 2021, the Anti-war Working Group, and the Left Unity Study multi-organizational study group co-hosted by the SPUSA. In 2023, Bill was nominated as a candidate for President from the Socialist Party USA.

Doc’s life has been one of learning and activism. Running for President is the beginning of the next chapter.

William Stodden holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from Southern Illinois University and has served on the faculty of ND State, Concordia College among several other universities. Bill has particular expertise on the 1959 Cuban Revolution and the revolutionary power of condensed milk and sausage.

Bill’s life has been one of learning and activism. Running for President is the beginning of the next chapter.


tephanie Cholensky first joined the Socialist Party USA in 2001. Immediately active in the youth wing of the party, the Young People’s Socialist League, Stephanie served on the National Executive Committee and as co Vice Chair of YPSL, and on the editorial board of the official magazine of YPSL’s official magazine, the Torch. Stephanie later became convener of the Women’s Commission of the Socialist Party, served on the editorial board of Socialist Women, was elected to the National Committee of the party in the mid-2000, and elected to serve as co-chair in 2009. Stephanie would also be a charter member, as well as helping to organize three local branches. She has served on many political campaigns and initiatives within the party, as well as on the campaigns of the 3 SP-USA members to be elected to office in Minneapolis. She studied biochemistry and earned a Bachelors of Science from the University of Minnesota. Stephanie has worked as a researcher first at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill from 2013-2020, then at her current job at the University of Minnesota, starting in 2020. She currently resides in Minneapolis with her cat, Hugo.

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