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The World Cannot Wait

Millions are realizing that we must begin organizing today to build the only alternative to war, ultra-nationalism, ecological suicide and the lies of the political elite – a real socialist society where our future is truly in our hands.

– Stodden/Cholensky 2024

Build Socialism in the US Today

SPUSA 2024 Campaign

Our campaign’s goal is to build a strong network of socialists, locals, and members who will agitate, educate, and organize for a world beyond capitalism.

Stodden & Cholensky 2024

The two ruling parties of Wall Street are absolutely incapable of reform or any substantive change—they both have led the vast majority of the world to further misery, chaos and certain destruction of capitalism.

Our campaign’s goal is to bring an uncompromised vision of the possibilities of real socialism and true democracy to millions of people struggling to live in the heart of failed empire and systemic decline.

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Stodden/Cholensky 2024 Campaign and the SPUSA will NOT sell or share your information with any third parties or organizations, non-member campaigns, or organizations outside of the Socialist Party USA.

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Drop Charges Against Assange, End Pro-War Espionage Act, Protect Whistleblowers at Home & Abroad

By |March 15th, 2024|Categories: Anti-War, Whistleblowers|

Stodden-Cholensky 2024 calls for the U.S. government to immediately drop all charges against Julian Assange and abandon its attempts to extradite Jullian Assange from the United Kingdom. Using the 1917 Espionage Act to punish a journalist for publishing sensitive material that exposed corruption and injustice represents a dangerous and unjustifiable expansion of the US government’s authority. Freedom of the press is enshrined in the United States Constitution; it is one of our oldest and highest principles - a principle that socialists and all working people must fiercely defend. Prosecuting a[...]

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